Topic history of medicine

topic history of medicine

Hello all, I'm interested in writing an undergrad thesis on some aspect of the history of medicine. I realize what a tremendous resource SDN is. Search resources at the Stanford Medical History Center PhD dissertations sometimes include a literature review on their topic. These reviews can be helpful. Topics include the construction of medical authority and expertise, potions and This course will investigate the history of a number of stigmatized conditions.

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Make a tax-deductible donation and receive an immediate forums account upgrade! Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery. History of Science But what are the intellect, the will and other faculties? Belief and medicine Birth and death Controversies and medicine Diagnosis Diseases and epidemics Hospitals Public health Science and medicine Surgery Technology and medicine Medical traditions Treatments and cures Understanding the body War and medicine. Content is organised into themes, covering different aspects of the history of medicine. Each theme gives an overview of developments and four related topics. Related Topics . A Study of History: Who, What, Where, and When? Penicillin. A dramatic episode in medical history occurred in , when. Related Topics History of medicine, the development of the prevention and treatment of disease from prehistoric and ancient times to the 20th.

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The study focused on the Pneumatist physician Athenaeus of Attalia 1st c. The aim of this dissertation is to determine the internal system of healing plants used in medicine conveyed in cuneiform script, and thus to improve our knowledge of the ancient understanding of illness and healing. topic history of medicine

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