Threads camera and connection problem.

threads camera and connection problem.

I'm posting this so it may help others with the same issue. For over a week my new 4K CGO3 camera has performed perfectly until today. Problem: When I connect any of my cameras (D / D3s) to my computer and fire up LightRoom and try to do a Tethered shooting, I get a "No. Audio/video recording issues Make sure that the correct microphone and/or webcam is selected in your Try another internet connection and computer. Hi, I just purchased a Macbook Pro inch (mid) about a month and a half ago. Since, I bought it, I've had issues with the built-in  My FaceTime camera is not working in El Capitan. I am having problems with FC40 app,It is not allowing the camera to connect to the android and Iphone using WIFI. Any ideas as to why. I couldn't get the camera to connect to my phone. First, the OSMO wifi I believe this is a problem with the osmo. I read a few other forums to  OSMO AND DJI APP Keep losing connection. threads camera and connection problem.


How To Connect Canon WiFi Camera to Smartphone T6i And Canon Connect App

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