Dialog international german culture

dialog international german culture

A friend just finished reading Death in Rome, Michael Hoffmann's translation of Wolfgang Koeppen's Der Tod in Rom (), and I realized I. Only one German lyric poet - Nelly Sachs - has ever been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Nelly Sachs was the co-recipient of the. But the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall were effective windscreens, blocking artistic change from ruffling the German Democratic Republic.

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Posted at PM in German CultureMedia Permalink. The social theorist and psychologist Erich Fromm discussed masochism as a component of fascism in his study Escape from Freedom : "The frightened individual seeks for somebody or something to tie his self to; he cannot bear to his own inidividual self any longer, and he tries frantically to get rid of it and to feel security again by the elimination of this burden of the self. The piece is a good tribute to Freud and reminder of the dangers of fundamentailism in all of its guises. Hattie on National Poetry Month: Ingeborg Bachmann's Früher Mittag.

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PrinzessinnenReporter Wo Prinzessinnen berichten. Er hat im Laufe der Jahre gelernt, daß das, was er nicht drucken läßt, für Hunderttausende nicht existiert - daß das, was er den Leuten mit der Papageientaktik in die Köpfe lärmt, für sie im Mittelpunkt der Erde steht. After the war she once again came to the defense of her German exile friends, as they were hounded by the FBI during the anti-communist hysteria of the McCarthy period. It is not an exaggeration to say that Dorothy Thompson is a savior of 20th century German letters. His paintings therefore have a surface enigmatic quality which substitutes for profundity. Die Zeit - Homepage. Aus der häufigen Verwendung englischer und scheinenglischer Ausdrücke, die als "modern" gilt und mit der man zu imponieren trachtet, ergeben sich Verständigungs- und Eingliederungsprobleme bis hin zur sprachlichen Diskriminierung entgegen Artikel 3, Absatz 3 unseres Grundgesetzes "Niemand darf wegen


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